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🙏Affirmations THAT WILL change your life❤️

I have noticed much change in my life when embraced meditations (a.k.a. prayer) and daily affirmations.

It will be uncomfortable. It will feel as though it is not working. Sometimes you will want to quit and think "nonsense"! But, as I have stated before, and will continue to tell you is this...


Just hang on. Believe in the good. Believe in the light. Believe that you are one with the divine. Nothing is against you. All is working out for you. Yes, even in times of is still all going to work out for you.

The thing that frightens everyone is this...dying. Death is scary. I even feel uncomfortable talking about it. It is what people fear most and what makes everyone so separate in this world. SEPARATION is what steals our PEACE.

How can we get past this? This YOU AGAINST ME illusion?

WE must realize that we all have much more in common than we think....NO MORE BEING is how

WE ARE ALL ONE- we are ALL going to the same place. None of us are getting out of here physically alive. Our bodies all will age. We will all age. We will all get older. None of us are immortal. Not a one. No matter how much money, how important you are, how smart, how many friends, your career, your busy life. No matter any of that we will all one day leave our physical body. THAT SHOULD BE ENOUGH TO STOP THE SEPARATION BETWEEN YOU AND I.

Becoming one- not separate will lead to PEACE...FREEDOM... ABUNDANCE AND PROSPERITY for ALL.

This is not meant to sound depressing. Actually, more uplifting than anything. You see, we never really die. Yes, it is true our physical body will wear out and we will leave it. But, our spirit...OUR SPIRIT lives FOREVER. You are so, so, so much more than your outside appearance. Dig down deep. Feel it. Feel your heart lead you. Surrender to your inner BEING and then, you will have pure bliss. The freedom will flow. The peace in your soul will truly come to surface. That will NEVER die. That will never leave you.

You can have freedom from fear today.

Live in the NOW. The only place that exist. Stop being fearful. Stop being separate. See yourself in your brother's and sister's. We are not divided. We are whole.

Be Well, Ad

Your daily affirmations below for yourself and your family. Print this off and say it every morning. You will be amazed at what you aspire and attract in your life.

( inspired by Gabby Bernstein)


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