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💫"Discovering Your Worth: Navigating Self-Value on Day 2💫

💫DAY 2💫

💫Find your value within. When you are trying to appease everyone around you, you will be walking a fine line all of your life. One day they love ya, the next day they don’t agree with you. 💫That is going to happen ALL OF YOUR LIFE. People will agree and then they won’t. 💫Don’t let that shake your insides all of the time. Don’t live in limbo having a good or bad day based on what others think of you. 💫Decide that YOU, YOURSELF, JUST AS YOU ARE, are good enough. Find that value inside of yourself and you will be in BALANCE at all times in life. 💫No wobbly, tight

rope for you. Loving and trusting yourself at all times. That will bring inner peace instantly.

How do you find value within? Find something that you love to do and do just that. Figure out something you can do that makes you feel inspired aka "in spirit". It could be anything. Learning something new, listening to a podcast, read a motivating book, take a walk, color, paint. Find something that you can do for just you that makes you feel lighter instantly. Cook something healthy. You need to find something that will build your confidence and make you feel good about you! Having trouble building confidence? If you would like to listen to my confidence building podcast click here!

💫Read the book for more tips and 7 day challenges to inner peace right now💫

Peace Be With You,




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