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❤️You are never to old to follow your dreams. I always knew I would end up in the medical field. I just was unsure what I would be doing and I did not have the time really to think of it in the past 10 years because of having 4 kids in 2 years and moving to a new city in the mix of it all.

❤️"Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end." From salon owner and fitness studio owner to nursing student! Even if I have failed in the past I always failed forward, I have been resilient and I have never given up.

❤️I recently decided to apply for a scholarship towards my Nursing degree and I WON!!

Here is what I wrote...

❤️Hello! I am Adelei and I am a stay-at-home mom of 2 sets of twins ages 7,7,9 and 9. I want to become a GREAT NURSE one day. I found my love for caring for others when I had 4 kids within 2 years and had to quit my career as a Cosmetologist to care for my children.

I did not realize how much I would love caring for others until I became a mother. I have given the past 10 years to my children and now it is time to start my career again. It is time to do something for me (and them)! I find that when I am caring for others, I am not only helping them, but I am fulfilling my life's purpose. I believe that when we lift others in this life, we lift ourselves up too.

I want to get out into the world again and do what I know I was meant for. I am excited to help others live their best life. I want to inspire people to live healthy and full lives even if they feel like it is hopeless. I want to help them find joy in the everyday trials they are facing. I want to be there for them when they may be feeling helpless. I want to be that “safe” space for them to lean on when they just can't find anything good about the days ahead of them. I am sure that I will be able to not only help them to heal physically but also help them to find peace of mind in the trials of life they may be facing.

I will encourage others, I will HEAR them, I will be a good listener and a good leader. I am ready to get out there and be MY BEST SELF SO I CAN HELP OTHERS TO BECOME THEIR’S!

Raising 4 kids on one income has been tough. I would never trade it for anything. In fact, I have a lot of doubts about going back to school because I feel I should be saving for my children's education. This scholarship would help us tremendously. Not just financially but it would help me to take some of that guilt I am carrying off of my shoulders for spending money on myself and not my kids for once.

Thanks for any help! Adelei Graffin

❤️WINNER! YAY! I am so grateful❤️

❤️Everything seems to be lining up for this next move so I will just keep following my heart and praying that the steps I take are on the road of ease, balance and fun!

I will teach yoga and meditation again one day but as a future Registered Nurse I know I will be able to help you even more on your wellness journey!

❤️xoxo, Addie

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