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🖐Stop WORRYING so much about what others think about YOU😎

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

There once was man and his grandson traveling by donkey into town. The boy was riding on the donkey, the man was walking and leading. The people passing by remarked " Look at that! How awful! That poor old man has to walk while that young boy is riding along with ease!" So, the man took the boy off and had him lead, while the man rode the donkey. The people passing by remarked "Look at that, how awful! That poor boy has to walk while that man is riding along with ease!" So then, the boy AND the man got on the donkey and rode. The people passing by said "Look! How awful! That poor donkey has to carry such a heavy load with a boy and a man riding him!" So, both of them, the man and the boy got off the donkey and walked along side to lead. The people passing by said "Look! How silly! That man and boy are walking while they could be riding that donkey with ease!

The moral of the story is this...

EVERY PERSON IN THIS WORLD HAS A RIGHT TO, and will LIKELY SHARE WITH YOU, THEIR OPINION of what you are doing in this life. But, if you listen to everyone your head will be spinning. You will never be at peace. You will constantly be trying to please others and forget what brings YOU joy and bliss.

Not everyone is gonna like what you're doing. Heck, not everyone is even going to like you.

But, guess what?

EVEN MORE, wonderful, loving, kind and positive people WERE INTENTIONALLY placed on this earth to lift you. To be FOR YOU!

By wasting your energy on the weeds (opinions that don't matter) around you there's no room for the flowers (friends) to grow. No room for you to bloom. Start doing some weeding and see just how beautiful your garden can grow my sweet friend.

From experience,

*Story originally told by J.Osteen


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