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❤️There must be a Higher Love?❤️5 Tips to Live Heaven on Earth❤️

❤️All the singers and songwriters knew it.

Think about some of the most famous songs.

I could go on and on...

❤️They all knew that there was something more than just what we see with our eyes and hear with our ears. They all were in on it. They may not have even known at the time what it was they were in on but whatever it was took them all to the top.

❤️When you know this you don't have to even try at life anymore, it all just kind of flows. When you understand that the life, the physical life you are living right now, is not all there is- IT IS SO MUCH EASIER.

❤️You know that little voice in your head? The one that makes you feel comfort/not worry or fear. The little voice that guides you to the things you love. The feeling inside that when you are doing something that brings you joy it just feels right. That is your higher self (God, Source, Universe) whatever you want to refer to, that is it.

❤️When you are too busy to listen you will fall into this trap of fearing and thinking about the future or find yourself dwelling in the past. But, when you listen in the NOW moment and you use your "guidance system" (aka how you feel, your emotions) then you will know you are in sync with WHO YOU WERE MEANT TO BE.

❤️When life starts to become easier and kind of flows like water- you are there. You are on the path that will bring you your greatest joy in this physical life.❤️

❤️Jesus did not just say "The Kingdom of Heaven is within YOU" for you to think that Heaven and Earth are separated. They are surely not. Heaven is on Earth and it is in YOU. If you can recognize that Heaven is in YOU and ME and EVERYONE- you will no longer feel separation. You will know longer be seeking anything more, anything better. You will feel a freedom that you never experienced.

❤️Don't wait to die before you experience Heaven. Experience life to the fullest right here on Earth. God is using YOU as an Expression of LOVE AND LIFE RIGHT NOW. If you are still living and breathing you have a purpose.

❤️How do you shed the ego emotions (fear, hate, jealousy, worry, anxiety) and live Heaven on Earth?

❤️I can tell you to just think better thoughts but that is extremely difficult to some. If you are like me, when someone tells you not to think something, you CONSTANTLY are thinking about it.

❤️To start living Heaven on Earth right now my suggestions would be.....❤️

  1. Today- start to breathe slow. Slow down your breath. Inhale light exhale dark. Just repeat it to yourself every time you feel a lower thought coming on.

  2. Honor your feeling but don't dwell on it. Don't ignore it but don't stay in it. They say that when things happen that we don't expect or even want it is just a way of the Universe letting us know WHAT WE DO WANT. So when something happens for you that you don't necessarily love give thanks to the Universe/God for letting you know what YOU DO WANT to have happen. (After all if we didn't know what we don't like how would we know what we do like? - If there was no dark how would we know how wonderful the light is?)

  3. Before you react to anyone or any situation today ask yourself if it is worth your energy? Every time you "pay attention" to something you are giving energy to it- spend your energy like you would spend your money...Carefully and Consciously.

  4. Look at everything and everyone today as a part of yourself. All of our hearts are beating from the same Source- our lungs are breathing from the same Source. The trees and birds, the people all around you- all come from the same Source. Start today thinking UNION not SEPARATION.

  5. Today, think about the food you eat and the drinks you drink as becoming a part of you. It is the truth, is it not? What we eat and drink is what makes up our physical bodies. Today before you prepare to eat send a blessing to your food- think about it going into your belly and breaking down into your bloodstream and essentially creating the future you. What you eat IS WHO YOU PHYSICALLY ARE. The apple becomes you, the bread becomes you, the steak (takes forever to digest) becomes you.

❤️You don't have to get it perfect- JUST BE AWARE.

❤️In Spirit,



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