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❤️From a Distance you Look Like my Friend❤️

❤️"Kindness, LIKE A BOOMERANG, always comes back."

❤️Here me out. This is for YOU.


❤️"Kindness, LIKE A BOOMERANG, always comes back.

❤️This does not mean that we should expect the other person to do something for us in return. It is about how kindness impacts US, INSIDE.

❤️It helps US to feel good. If we are actively looking for ways to do kind deeds and to speak with compassion, we'll notice more compassion and kindness in the world around us.

❤️If we train ourselves to focus on kindness, the way we talk to ourselves will be more kind. This makes us feel good about ourselves and less critical." - From A Little Book of Daily Sunshine

❤️Start your Monday off with kindness, see the world a little better, and find PEACE WITHIN. You can't give what you don't have.

❤️ Start WITH IN and you will never go WITH OUT. ❤️

❤️Some other ways to get yourself into a more loving, kind and happy mood....

❤️Make a list of things that you love to do and do them!

❤️When you start to feel discouraged or a lower energy emotion creeping in take that list out and find SOMETHING, anything that brings your joy back.

❤️A Walk


❤️A special coffee

❤️Call a friend

❤️Pet your dog

❤️Watch the birds

❤️Cook or bake

❤️Anything that makes you feel good again is what you need to be doing when you are feeling overwhelmed or stress coming on.

Speaking of cooking....

❤️What is your dish to pass this holiday season?

❤️Try this! From my latest column, in HER magazine, I have 3 simple recipes that will make you feel GOOD preparing and sharing!


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