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❤️Meal Prep Monday (Let's Prepare Sunday)❤️ Exercise Optional❤️

❤️As I have stated last week, your happiness should not lie on the other side of weight loss. However, it does make your insides feel much better when you feed it foods that it craves.

❤️When you are feeding your physical body the nutrients that it can easily digest it can heal and repair your cells much more efficiently.

❤️When this all occurs you start to physically feel better. Your energy skyrockets and you undoubtedly will start to feel better emotionally/mentally too!

❤️"Shed physical and emotional weight" by just starting to eat better. Simple Right?

❤️Instead of eating foods you don't like, be sure to prepare foods that you look forward to eating! That is how I started this journey.

❤️When you eliminate certain foods, or mark them as "no" foods, you will eventually cave and devour that so called "bad or off limits" food one day soon. Then what happens? You get mad at yourself. You then want to quit because "this is not working anyway". Does any of this sound familiar?

❤️Let's make foods we love. Move our body for fun (not force some unrealistic exercise on yourself each and every day.)

❤️This should be an enjoyable adventure, not something you dread. Because, once again, if you dread it or set goals that are impractical, you will get mad at yourself, claim "this is not working anyway" then quit! (I know from experience)

❤️You don't need to be a slave to the kitchen or the gym. Meal prep will be easy and fun with me. Workouts less than 20 minutes (unless you want to do more). You will have days you "don't feel like it" and so you won't do it.

❤️But, YOU WILL NEVER QUIT! We will fall. But, we will always, ALWAYS get back up. Like I say in class almost all of the time "if you don't fall you are not even trying."

❤️We eat the same thing every day for the beginning of the week. This way food is not a big deal to us. We don't overthink it. We just know that is the plan and that is what we do. Too many options lead you down a road of feeling overwhelmed and then just caving into the easiest (probs not the most healthy) options. By Thursday and Friday you can look in the back of the book and pick out any other recipes that sound yummy or just pick a basic meal you know is a simple, delicious go to.

❤️Workouts the same each week as well. We start super simple for all levels (only if you want to do them). Each week ads a little more. However, if the exercise that week doesn't sound good to you just flip through the book and find one that does (or take a walk or bike ride). Again, we do the same exercise each day so we don't have to overthink it. Keep it simple, no what to expect and you will be more likely to stick to this long term. (And you will WANT TO!)

❤️NOTE: Exercise optional but helps mentally. All meals that do not sound good can be replaced by another healthy option. Perfection is never key, just DO YOUR BEST!


❤️So, are you ready for this adventure? We are in it together for an entire year!!

❤️Next year on this day you will feel absolutely incredible. These tips and tricks will come naturally to you and you will no longer feel the need to rely on anyone but yourself for happiness, health and wellbeing.

❤️YOU WILL FEEL GOOD ALMOST ALL OF THE TIME- that is what life is supposed to be❤️


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