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❤️Rapid Weight Loss Do's & Don't for 40+ Women❤️

❤️Let me elaborate a bit more in detail for you.❤️

❤️I am not here to tell you how to live your life but if you are approaching your 40's or beyond it probably is not the smartest thing to do to take in your calories from sugary sodas and juices. You know this. I don't have to tell you anymore. I don't know about you but I LOVE FOOD way too much to "drink" the calories for the day.

❤️Do short effective exercises you LIKE DOING! We are 40 now (or older) why are we wasting our time doing $h!t we don't want to do? Don't you waste another minute of your life dreading a "workout" because you "should" do it. Find something you love and look forward to. Take a walk, bike ride or try one of these fun moves!

❤️Stop eating right before bed!! I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH! It is terrible for you. In fact, I bet you could ignore the rest of this list and STOP EATING 2-3 hours before and you would SEE RESULTS within a few days. NOT KIDDING. From experience sista! I was THE QUEEN OF NIGHT TIME SNACKING and it was KILLIN ME! Literally- it messes with your digestion, causes sleep disruption and packs on the lb's! Just stop- PLEASE :) I say this with love, I promise.

❤️Do NOT, NOT, NOT think your going to cut all of the carbs out of your life, give up dairy and gluten forever and be a happy, healthy camper for life. It ain't gonna work. Ok, so you do it for a week and you lose 7 pounds. YIPPY SKIPPY for you! But how long do you really think you can live like this? Don't live in misery making certain foods "off limits for life". You can cut back on certain foods if you think it is necessary. Honestly though, all you have to do, THIS IS SO SIMPLE.... ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS STOP (at least 80%- 90% of the time) STOP EATING any foods that come in a bag, box or can (aka processed foods) and YOU WILL SUCCEED ALMOST IMMEDIATELY! Try some of these recipes!

❤️Throw it out if your becoming obsessed. The scale. Yes, throw it out. All you need to do is answer these questions to feel success on this journey. How do you feel inside emotionally/mentally? How are your clothes fitting these days? How is your energy? Are you sleeping better? You will know if you're on your way to weight loss and wellness success without that scale by just asking yourself how your doing!

❤️DO NOT wait to love yourself until you reach a certain weight. LOVE YOURSELF NOW, and love yourself for ALL THAT YOU ARE. Say 3 things that are great about you right now. I mean it. Look in the mirror each and everyday and tell yourself these 3 things that are just amazing about you. It will get easier, I promise. Once you believe you are worthy of love your body will respond beautifully to you, INSIDE and OUT! (Try these affirmations)


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