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🌴SHED Physical and Emotional Weight TODAY!🌴

Updated: Mar 16, 2022


🌴I ran into a good friend yesterday that I have not seen in a very long time!

🌴One of her questions to me was how I was staying so thin? Are you still a vegan? Working out all the time? What are you doing to stay fit and trim these days?

🌴My answer was "I stopped doing sh$t I don't want to do!" That is my theme, my motto, in life for my 40's!

🌴My exercising is literally just walking or biking. My eating is FOODS I LOVE (bring on da carbs baby)! My spare time is reading and watching my birds. I LITERALLY do nothing that I don't want to do.

🌴I don't socialize a ton.

🌴I am no longer teaching nights and weekends.

🌴I quit torturing myself with workouts.

🌴I say "no" easily to things people ask of me that just don't feel good.

🌴I stopped FORCING everything.

🌴I am not trying to save the world.

🌴I am not telling others how to live their life.

🌴I am not obsessed about how much and when to eat (I eat whenever I am hungry.)

🌴I never judge others on how they deal with stress.

🌴I am done with being in a hurry.

🌴I found little things that bring me joy every single day of my life. Like learning the piano again.

🌴In fact, I often wake up feeling so incredibly grateful for this life that I sometimes find myself tearing up because it is so good.

🌴I am unsure if this is just the security of my 40's kicking in or if this is just me feeling exhausted trying to please others and living my life perfectly.

🌴Either way it feels DAMN GOOD! to just do the things that serve me.

🌴Now, on the flip side. Things that do make me feel good is making others feel good. I have been staying busy with a new position I recently started. I am now making others feel beautiful a few days a week. I am loving it and my life feels more on purpose than ever before. What is great about it is my clients appreciate me as much as I appreciate them. It is the most rewarding career shift I have ever made and the way it worked out was purely divine.

🌴In fact, just yesterday one of the younger gals said to me that she overheard me telling someone that "I am done rushing." I am done being in a hurry. I hurried and rushed all through my 20's and 30's to get ahead in my career! I am NO LONGER going to hurry for anyone. It is much more joyful to do things slowly and with intent. She was so sweet telling me she is in her "rushing" years at the ripe old age of 23. AH! There are SO many things I wanted to tell her and share with her. But, I am no longer telling anyone how to live life. She will figure it out. She is bright, sweet and intelligent. We are all on our own journey.

🌴Are you a people pleasing, in a hurry, hustle, hustle, hustle person. Are you not tired?

🌴Slow it down. It gets easier, I promise!

🌴EVERYTHING YOU DO SHOULD FEEL GOOD. If it doesn't than don't do it!

🌴One other small thing that has been making me feel insane relaxed after my shift on my feet all day again. Check this bad boy out! I bought it about 4 months ago and I use it every single day! You laugh BUT I look forward to this everyday. 3:00 pm no matter what I am doing I stop. My work day is done and I sit in here for 45 minutes until the kids get home.

🌴When they arrive I am relaxed and ready to spend quality time with my family! (and honestly I did shed like 5 lbs since I got this without trying-literally just sitting!)

🌴Realistic Exercises: Simple Healthy Recipes that take no time to make: Inspiration to make you feel good each and every day? Shed the physical and emotional weight with me! Start reading today on this snowy day! What else do you have to do really ? Snuggle up and read, that is what I am doing!

❤️ In Spirit,


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