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💕The answer TO ALL OF YOUR PROBLEMS (mother Mary told me)💕

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

🏝If you are wondering how to solve all of your problems or the problems of the world, I got you!

🏝Last night in my Candlelight Yoga class I shared with my students how to handle ANY SITUATION THROWN AT THEM AT ANY TIME!

🏝I woke up Monday with a very busy schedule.

🏝By Tuesday night I found out my kids will be home for 10 days.

🏝There went my week.

🏝Old me would have freaked out and tried to plan each day down to the minute as to how I was going to get all of this done with the kids now at home too. I likely would have called Kevin seeking answers, then burdened my mom with all of my so called "problems".

🏝That was before I discovered this HUGE PROBLEM solving technique for ANY AND ALL SITUATIONS!

🏝I know it has happened to you too. You had a plan. You stayed up at night figuring out how to execute the plan. You were ready to dive into the plan. Then something happened (out of your control) and your plans were THROWN OUT THE WINDOW. Right?


🏝Yep, that is it my friends! Just, LET. IT. BE.

🏝You don't have to do or force anything.

🏝Every time I go into "control mode" on how future events play out, I stop myself RIGHT AWAY and sing....

🏝Everytime someone says something that I don't quite understand (or maybe don't agree with) I stop and sing....

🏝Everytime my kids get a little too wild, fight with one another, become a bit sassy, I stop and sing...

🏝Everytime I am trying to figure out in my head the answer to any, ANY so called "problem" I might be facing, I stop and sing...

🏝Today, I have a task for you...

🏝How about NO reacting TO any SITUATION thrown at you. Just observe life today. Just breathe it in. When you find yourself STRUGGLING TO FIND THE ANSWER... stop and sing...

🏝When you let go of the reins of control YOU START TO ENJOY LIFE FOR WHAT IT IS in the NOW. You stop living in the future or the past (which don't even exist) and you start to BASK IN THE FULLNESS OF THE PRESENT MOMENT- right in front of you!


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