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❤️I started HealthyHairdresser website (now called spiritual solution weight loss) over five years ago now …. I was a salon owner/fitness instructor for over 10 years then all of a sudden I was a stay at home momma.

❤️So strange how things work…...I never wanted to be a stay at home mom but when you have four kids in 2 years you have no choice.

We moved to Platteville to be closer to family. (I am from Kieler)... Within 2 years I had quit a career I worked so hard for, had four kids and moved back to a town I had not lived in for 17 years.

❤️I did not realize how fearless i was...Quitting a job and not knowing if we could make one income work and then just picking up and moving away from all of our friends and everything we knew for so many years.

❤️I blogged for five years (and still do) and wrote 4 books while I was here with the kids. I always LOVED making people feel good whether it was styling their hair or teaching them that they could, in fact, have fun exercising and learn to love themselves inside and out ......

❤️BUT, through all of my paths and journeys in life I always stuck with ONE THEME....We RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS..

❤️YOU 100% get back what you put out in this life and if you are in it just for YOU then you will never experience the joy that we were all meant to live in. You have a GIFT we all do...SHARE THAT SH!T and you will SOAR....share with others and teach them that they also HAVE AMAZING GIFTS and they will also SOAR with the stars.... LIVIN YOUR BEST LIFE teaches others to LIVE THEIRS...


❤️I am just one person but I have a deep knowing in my SOUL that MY ONE LITTLE VOICE, MY ONE LITTLE JOB will impact others to RISE HIGH AND BE ALL THEY WERE MEANT TO BE.

❤️Join us on this journey, we are not perfect at PC&F but we have fun and we show love for everyone everyday. We have made mistakes but we still have each other's back no matter what. We all know that when we mess up we are still in it together. We are a judgment free community and we are seeking others who want to LIVE THEIR best life- judgment free too!

❤️Don't let fear hold you back...nothing amazing ever happens in your comfort zone...I have stepped out of mine my entire life -- sometimes good things happen and sometimes bad things happen...but if I never stepped out then NOTHING WOULD HAVE HAPPENED.

❤️I will lift you if you lift me?




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