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🖐5 Tips to Lose 5 Pounds Easily👏😻

⭐️I had a breakthrough in my many years of struggling with my weight. I lost 100 pounds after birthing 4 kids in 2 years and I am excited to share with you how I did it in 5 simple steps to kickstart your journey to 100 pound weight loss, to lose the last 5, or anywhere you might be stuck .

⭐️1. Drink warm lemon water 2-3x a day. It is a total detox cleanse for your system AND it curbs your appetite while serving many other purposes. I usually drink a cup in the morning, onee cup before lunch and one cup before dinner. I cut my lemons at the beginning of the week, store in fridge. Keep the kettle on my stove filled with water and if I am home I just leave the stove on warm all day and sip on it OR you could use the microwave in a pinch. Sometimes I even add a tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar to really help those days I feel a bit bloated. (PMS anyone?)

⭐️2. Eat plant based "most of the time". I am not saying you have to go all out vegetarian like I do! But, during the week try choosing your protein from plants most of the time. When I made the switch almost 3 years ago my inflammation and bloating left easily and my all around energy took off!

⭐️3. STOP nighttime snacks! Just stop. This was the TOUGHEST task on my journey however it was the MOST BENEFICIAL for me to lose those last stubborn pounds that I was so sick of hanging on too. Also, eating right before bed is horrible for your digestion and interferes with your sleep in more ways than you think. Push your dinner out later if you get hungry in the evening. I say cut off ALL food at least 2 hours before bed. (you do this and you will be SHOCKED at how effortless that weight comes off).

⭐️4. Stop killing yourself with workouts. Stop dreading the gym. Pilates and Yoga have been my go to and I have to say I have never been more lean in my life. I even ran a FULL MARATHON 2 years ago and I was still 10 pounds heavier than what I am now. Stop focusing on the high impact torture workouts and start to embrace being kind and loving to your bod with light toning exercises, lengthening the muscles to keep you long and lean and working on the belly and the booty area. (Strong Core strong BODY!)

⭐️5. AND FINALLY.....Focus on the pound ahead. Yep, that is how I got to my 100 weight loss. Losing 1 pound at a time. "Focus on the step in front of you not the entire staircase." It must be your motto on this weight loss journey.

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