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9 Minute Morning Affirmations & Beginner Yoga

" I get what I think about whether I want it or not" -Being in Balance


Start your day with this.. 10 Minutes of your morning and this could turn your frown upside down in just moments!

You can have whatever you want in this life. Heaven should not be a place we get to go to one day...Heaven should be right now here on Earth for you. You should live in a constant state of bliss almost ALL OF THE TIME!


it takes practice but once you get it you will see...

In Spirit, Ad

PS: New class coming this fall via ZOOM "Think Your Way Thin" Meditation and Beginner Yoga for Health and Wellness LIVE Mondays and Wednesdays 12-12:30...Sign Up info coming soon. This class will be held through UWP and ANYONE FROM ANYWHERE can join!


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