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❤️Overcoming Feelings of Irrelevance at 42❤️

❤️Pilates and Yoga! I received my PIYO certification 13 years ago and it is still one of my favorite classes to teach and take!

❤️I love to teach and take fitness classes. It inspires myself and everyone I engage with.

❤️I always envisioned I would build a small studio/barn right on my property and teach a few classes for FUN! I am closer every single day to this dream. Here is a picture of my. 10+ year old dream I have been hanging on too and never have showed anyone this except the hubs.....the moment we bought our home I knew that this would be a place I could see this happening!

❤️It is hard to keep your eye on your dream when you feel you have failed a million times at getting there but I do know it will come to me, it just has to happen at the right, divine time.

❤️There was a moment when I thought teaching group fitness was over for me. I have been doing it FOREVER and there are so many younger more hip generations stepping into teaching classes with a new fresh style. I thought I was not really needed anymore, like I was getting too OLD for this. Then, after stepping away for almost a year I realized I AM NOT TOO OLD and I have always said I would teach until I am 99!

❤️No one told me when I quit my career to become a stay at home momma 10 years ago that the kids would not need me one day as much and I would have this feeling of being irrelevant to the world outside.

❤️Did I make the right choice by giving up a business I worked so incredibly hard to build in my 20's just to find myself in my 40's jobless and wondering if I made a huge mistake?

❤️Ok, I know it was the right choice, my kids will ALWAYS remember their mom was ALWAYS here for them - always home. But, sometimes I get nervous that I won't find myself again, like I will always be a stay at home mom of four. The world tells me in my 40's I should have this big career by now and here I am starting all over as if I am 20 again.

❤️This path has been long and windy but I know for a fact if I would have followed the straight, paved and easy route I would not have been able to share my journey with others who are needing hope and confidence. I am a good storyteller and writer and I love to share what helps me with others. ❤️ I would have NEVER found this gift if I would have never stepped away from the busyness of the working world for a decade! So, wherever the road leads me to next I am ready and excited to listen to the calling of God and keep doing what excites me and what helps others on the way!

❤️I have a break coming soon and I plan to teach classes from home via zoom until I am able to teach in person again.

❤️There still is a need for my 42 year old A$$ and I am kind of sick of feeling irrelevant because newcomers are all the hype. I am older but guess what I am also wiser and I have a very unique gift that God is calling me to not hide. I will keep using it but it will be slow and steady and organic.

❤️So, if you are like me and feel as though you are missing for the traditional ways of working out and you wanna take it back old school (TK, PIYO, Yoga, Pilates to the beat with affirmations) with me I encourage you to join my group by clicking here and watch for me sharing some online, inspiring workouts with an ADDIE twist on them (I like to make you feel like you can conquer the world when you leave my classes). Yes, it is online for now but not forever my sweet friends.

❤️Instead of feelings of irrelevance I will use my gifts and purpose in life to bring the joy back into myself and others once again!❤️

It is not about weight, it is about health and longevity as we AGE WELL together!



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