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❤️Healthy Lunch ❤️Set yourself up for SUCCESS❤️

❤️DON’T set yourself up for failure. Don’t make unrealistic goals.

❤️Let’s hear it for small goals this week!

❤️If you have never worked out before, or it has been years, then set a goal to workout out 4 days this week. Don’t say your going to workout everyday twice a day.

❤️If you have ate crappy the last month and you want to have a clean slate today, then today is the day to start!

❤️Hear this. If you have had the taste of sugar and junk for a month or longer -don’t expect the craving for it to go away right now! Give in to it!

❤️But, give in to it wisely. Make your dessert a healthified one by trying one of these.

❤️Make foods that you genuinely like!

❤️So, you have eaten tacos, pizza and spaghetti for days? Ok, let's make them healthy now! Have this taco dip. Check out these lasagna cups. Try my pizza soup!

❤️If you need a snack after dinner. CHOOSE wisely….but do have it. The key to success with this is to not feel deprived. If you want a snack don't say "I can't have it". Have it and enjoy it! Try these!

❤️DRINK YOUR WATER! (read this)

❤️MOVE YOUR BODY! Try this....


❤️Don't be sad or upset if you fell off the bandwagon on your health and fitness journey. So have I! It can be hard to get back into the swing of it again. But, look, spring and summer are just around the corner. SO MANY possibilities right in front of us! So many fun events headed our way! Days are getting longer and it is feeling warmer out already!


❤️In Spirit, Ad

Check out this healthy lunch...


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