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❌Never Take Advice from SOMEONE who is NOT where YOU want TO BE❌

Are you letting others determine where your life will and is going? If you react to all of your surroundings then you surely are letting others determine your destiny.

When you react in a way that lowers your energy you are lowering your thoughts to what THEY are thinking of you. You then become what THEY think of you, not what YOU think of you.

Let’s say you have a goal or a dream in mind for yourself. You tell someone else this vision and they tell you it is ridiculous; it is something YOU could never do. When you fight back to try to help them to understand you all you are doing is putting yourself at the level of THEIR thinking, NOT YOUR own.

NEVER take advice from a person who is not where you want to be, period.

There is an amazing quote I came across a few years back. It is about a man who was wrongly accused. His reply when they accused him of this horrific act was “is that so?” He knew he did not commit such a crime. All were talking about him behind his back and even to his face. All lies. Instead of getting himself worked up and stressed out. He knew that reacting to such absurdity would take him down to their low energy level. He just replied “is that so” and he knew staying in higher thoughts would put him in a better position. He knew the end results would be in his favor so why use up all of his precious energy fighting about it? It turned out in his favor multiplied by blessings beyond.

When you fight back, you use all of your energy. You then have NO energy left to focus on what it is YOU want not what others want for you.

Is that so? Yes, it is.

**today I encourage you to have no reaction or just a reaction of "is that so" when you feel the need to fight back....stop your self and stay on the road to your HIGHEST SELF.

In Spirit,


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Brenda Welhoefer
Brenda Welhoefer
May 14, 2020

Addi, I love your latest post! I'm currently reading "Untamed" by Glennon Doyle, and one of my favorite quotes from the book so far is: "So I have stopped asking people for directions to places they've never been. There is no map. We are all pioneers." Hope you are well. Brenda


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