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😡Pissed to BLISSED🧘‍♀️

I am taking the month of June off! We will be traveling and having summer fun. Along with fun, we will also be brainstorming the next moves at the studios for in person classes again. Hoping for a re open but wanting to be safe and put our clients health in best interest of course. Excited to finalize my third book as well this upcoming month. Better Food, Better Mood will hopefully be ready for press by the end of summer!

My zoom classes will be postponed as well for this next month of June. BUT! we still have this coming Friday's (WERQ) left in May.

Do not stress though! I hope to post a NEW WORKOUT EVERY MONDAY in June for you to do each week!

Here is a great one to start with. This is a combo of ALL of my classes. 30 minutes in 3 videos to give you the maximum benefit to your workout in minimal time!

Part ONE:

Part TWO:

Part THREE: (abs)


Remember to do FUN things. Yes turn your pissed to blissed on the daily by remembering this one quote when you feel like your being drug to a lower emotion (remembering our thoughts create our future)....

" I can choose PEACE, rather than this." Don't take yourself so seriously. You have one life to live here on earth. It was meant to be GOOD (aka GOD).

"the beginning God created the heavens and the earth... " And God saw that it was good." Genesis 1

LOOK around you right now. It is SO GOOD! Focus on what you want to draw in your life not what you don't want. Turn off the news. Walk away from the one's who only have negative things to discuss and talk about. When you put those thoughts in your mind that will lower your energy. It will infect your future. You are better than those low emotions. Start to realize that YOUR FUTURE is better than some naysayers opinions.

Continue to follow for UPDATES on studio RE OPEN and next round of ZOOM classes!

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Sara Koeller
Sara Koeller
May 27, 2020

Oh, I'll miss your face (but not the 6 am workout alarm, lol!) I'm using June to reset my workout plans, and rehash why I'm working out in the first place. Can't wait for one more WERQ on Friday!


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