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❤️Quiet the mind and your Song will Sing❤️

❤️When thinking too far into the future we miss out in the greatest gift of all...the present moment.

❤️You want real freedom, grab on to this very moment and live it to the fullest.

❤️How we do this becomes simple the more you practice it.

❤️Whenever you start to think about past events that can bring you down or future events that start to cause worry...just stop and think about RIGHT NOW. IS right NOW good? Is there anything right at this VERY MOMENT that you need be concerned about? If the answer is no then just breathe into it and bask in the free-ness of this gift.

❤️Yes, but what about this that might happen or that? What about my bills, my health, my kids, my job, etc?

❤️When the answers are needed to all of those "problems" the answers will arrive. For now if you are breathing, eating and living you are doing great.

❤️Stop making it all so complicated. It doesn't need to be all thought out. Our mind gets in our way all too often and messes up all of our inner peace.


❤️What if we stopped trying to organizing everything so much. What if we stopped "thinking" everything out and just lived. What if we didn't have to try so hard and we could just let the events of our life happen just as they are meant to happen without us having to do a single thing but live in the moment.

❤️That is exactly what happens when you stop the clutter and the chatter in your mind. Your real song starts to play. You actually can hear your soul sing and guide you with NO FORCE whatsoever on the next step you should take.

❤️You don't have to figure anything out. Just flow like water into the river of life and watch how perfectly it unfolds without you doing a dang thing.

❤️From this day forth I will only live by inspired action in present moment awareness. ❤️Inspired (aka in spirit) action is when a thought just pops in your head out of nowhere (spirit) and makes you feel confident and sure in the next step forward.

❤️How will you know this is a spiritual thought and not just your ego talking? It will never create fear or worry if it is an inspired thought.

❤️I know it sounds kind of out there but trust me it is a much easier life when you relax into it instead of forcing and controlling it.

xoxo- Ad


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