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✨Start to live a life of ABUNDANCE today ✨

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

When you see and understand this you start to live more with your SPIRIT and less from your EGO.

When you start to realize that GOD (the divine, the light, the universe : whatever you want to call it) is working WITHIN YOU and not for you or against you. You start to come to this awareness that YOU ARE THE CREATOR along WITH GOD in this life.

When you begin to become quiet and really listen to this spirit with you, you then realize your purpose, your reason for being. You start to understand that your physical body is not everything. Your material possessions are nothing when it compares to the divine energy that lives inside of you.

Of course we want to take care of our physical selves. It carries our spirit around, after all. Of course we like material wealth, the luxuries in life. But, that does not define your BEING. You're being is the light that lives inside of you and inside of everyone around you.

When you start to look at people as little flames of light instead of your outside perception of their physical presence you begin to see that NONE OF US ARE SEPARATE. When you realize this you realize that you, WE are lacking nothing. We are not in competition with what other people have or look like because we are them and they are us. What they have in material possessions we can have too.

When you start to see that there is ENOUGH of everything to go around, you find out that you will begin to receive and attract more than you ever even imagined.

When you are living in a constant state of competition. You are putting out this energy of lack, of despair almost. What you put out will comeback. It will always come back. If you are putting out lack then lack you will receive.

Change what you're thinking to I AM THAT, I AM. (Moses Code) I am them, they are me. We are all one. We come from the same divine. We have the same light. We were created in the same image. We all have a spirit that wants to lead us.

When you begin to appreciate the light of others. When you start to see YOURSELF in EVERYONE you feel so much more love, appreciation, prosperity and abundance. When you start to feel those things, that is what will start to show up in your life.

I challenge you TODAY to start saying that in your thoughts to EVERYONE you see. Before you judge how they look on the outside (and we all have done this) say "I AM THEM, THEY ARE ME". Envision the light flame flickering in them instead of their physical presence. I guarantee you will start to "see" things much different.


There is and always will be enough; I lack no thing.

In Spirit,



Classes this week (taking Saturday off to start the week of celebrations. We have FOUR birthdays this week in our home!)


NOTE: Starting May 1st YOU WILL NEED A PASSWORD for ALL CLASSES click here to get it.



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