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❤️3 Minutes to Peace: Meditation for Worry, Anxious or Fearful thoughts❤️

❤️Just Breathe.

❤️Of course you have heard me say it before....YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT.

❤️Whether you BELIEVE yourself or not at this point is quite irrelevant.

❤️If you are in a place of worry, fear or anxious thoughts, me telling you to say to yourself you are calm is not going to do a whole heck of a lot for you....


❤️You see, I would be lying if I told you that I woke up one day and all was Peace and Bliss. You could call me on my bulls#it not so long ago.

❤️I was a controlling, reactive, temperamental, B!

❤️In fact, it was a great argument with a loved one that caused my Spiritual Awakening.

❤️I was shaken to the core when I was told that "I am hard to be around".

My ego told me THEY WERE WRONG!

❤️Deep down though, It was me. I was hard to be around.

❤️I would never take back those years on the journey of trying to figure out why " I was hard to be around."

❤️After MUCH MUCH MUCH work...MUCH! I had an awakening. Only after being still, being QUIET and calming the F down did I realize that I, in fact, was quite hard to be around.

❤️I reacted almost ALL of the time...I knew it all.. No one was going to tell me anything that I was not ready to hear without me exploding and leaving the room.

❤️Fast forward, years of work; I honestly can say I do feel ALL OF THE STATEMENTS that I say in this short meditation I have created for you.

❤️I am no longer afraid of the future which is why I was so reactive in the first place. I was afraid, insecure, scared, sad. All of the things that I pushed down and released with (eating) and reacting.

❤️Meditations and Affirmations SAVED me and gave me the Peace inside that we ALL SEEK. I worked on me from the inside out . I became selfish, a.k.a., in alignment with self.