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An old boyfriend once told me...

❤️An old boyfriend suggested to me once that if I didn’t have such fat legs I would be “perfect”. I feared to ask exactly what “perfect” meant. I had always been so insecure about my legs my entire life. I have my mom’s side of the family legs. Short and chunky is what I always said. If there ever were a cankle I have them! I hated my legs from about age 14, when I started hating many things about my body.

❤️I was desperate. So much in despair of hate for my legs that I went to a plastic surgeon for an estimate to change them. It would take a very precise surgery to have them tapered in and the muscle basically cut out. See, they were not FAT, as the ex had once made me aware of. They were MUSCULAR. The doctor told me I was crazy and that I may never really be able to walk the same again or run. Since I was there though he could quote me on a breast enlargement. “Gee, thanks doc- my legs are fine but now you’re telling my boobs are too small and lopsided.” His words, not mine.

❤️I let others tell me what was right and wrong with me for so many years. I would take it so personal and do everything I could to change. I wanted to be “perfect” for other people. The perfection standards I tried to live up to were other people’s opinions of me.

Needless to say, I did neither. I was not about to drop 10 grand for boobs and risk the chance of never running again. Thank GOD some common sense came into my head for once. I would just starve myself and be skinny and that would make me happy! JOKING! Well, not really, I tried that too.

❤️It was not until I learned to accept myself for who I was that I learned to really love me. When I could let go of people telling me who I needed to be is when I saw the TRUE BEAUTY in MYSELF.

❤️We all have those insecurities, am I right? WE ALL have had something about ourselves that we have disliked before. Things that we have wanted to change. Maybe it is your legs or your belly or your hair, your nose? I am unsure but I know we have all criticized ourselves at one point or another.

❤️I have learned something HUGE out of this though. This hating my legs load I have carried for so many years. I have learned how to practice self-love, grace, even liking my thicker limbs.

❤️How?? How have I come this far as to not let anyone tell me how I should look on the outside? I have started to love myself on the inside, from the inside out. If you don’t work on that you will always have insecurities coming at you, you will never be content. No matter how many surgical procedures you have you will never be happy until the inside is at peace.

❤️The more you tell yourself something is wrong the more you believe it. On the same note the more you tell yourself something is RIGHT you believe it, too!

❤️I no longer say my legs are fat, I say they are strong. My legs carry me and have carried me for 39 years and counting. My legs waddled around 2 twin pregnancies'. They ran 26.2 miles for goodness sakes. They have never let me down and I am not going to let them down by hating on them. Sure, they are hard to fit a tall trendy boot around in the winter months- but hey we all have our problems, right? I accept them and love them and would not want to live without them!

❤️So, here is to all you women out there who have an insecurity. YOU ARE NOT ALONE- we all have them! But this, every time you think of something negative about your certain insecurity today, I want you to repeat THREE positives about it too! The more you practice this the more you might just believe it!

❤️Your BEAUTY LIES WITHIN my sweet friends. NEVER, EVER forget that.



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