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❤️Are you feeling EXHAUSTED on your Wellness Journey?❤️

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

❤️This is why you are tired...

❤️You are trying to do TOO much

❤️You are trying to exercise, eat healthy, work, raise a family, be a good partner, have a social life. You are trying to do it all and it is exhausting you! It is exhausts me just telling you how busy you are.

❤️How are you possibly going to get it all done?

❤️I worked 50-60 hours a week back in the day and do you know what my constant struggle was? ❤️MY HEALTH❤️.

❤️ It was ALWAYS on my mind. ALWAYS. I was always stressed about food. It was all I thought about. I HATED getting dressed. I hated my closet. I was always shopping trying to feel better about myself when in reality whatever I bought was not going to help.

❤️I hated my insides and no 200 dollar pair of jeans was going to fix that❤️

❤️Why would you look outside for a pair of keys that you lost inside of your house?

❤️Why would you search your entire garage for your slippers that you keep in your closet?

❤️Why would you look in your bathroom for your dishwasher soap?

❤️Why would you look in your kids room for your own clothes?

❤️Do you get what I am saying?❤️


❤️You are exhausted trying to figure out why NOTHING is working. When the truth is you don't have to try so hard. Just narrow it down.

❤️Until I realized that I was never going to be able to make any progress without simplifying the problem I was never going to feel good...inside or out.

❤️The Problem?

❤️It was me.

❤️It was not because I was too busy, too tired, too broke, too this or too that. I may have been all of those things..but I could NOT FIX ANY OF IT until I FIXED me...INSIDE❤️

❤️How did I stop this cycle?


❤️I practiced this in 5 simple steps

1. I stopped blaming my circumstances for my unhappiness

2. I got up every single day and moved my body

3. I started to feed my body real, whole foods

4. I drank water, water, water and more water

5. I began sitting in it. ❤️Sitting in my thoughts. ❤️Slowing down. ❤️Meditating/praying. ❤️Listening to myself and my surroundings. ❤️ I became more picky about who and what I let in my heart and soul.❤️ I let go of the things and people who did not lift me, inspire me, make me want to be better. ❤️I let go of ANY resentment. ❤️And, ABOVE ALL I FORGAVE.. ❤️Yes I forgave people who have wronged me AND I forgave myself. ❤️I forgave myself for even being in a position for needing to get my health in check. ❤️I forgave others because that anger was haunting me and keeping me from going anywhere good. ❤️Yes, even that person. ❤️That person who was SO wrong and did you so unfairly. ❤️You have to forgive. ❤️You don't have to EVER be around them. ❤️But for yourself you must not hang on to it any more if you want to go anywhere else in life.

❤️"The snake bite will not kill you, it is the venom that continuously runs through your veins that will destroy you." You may have been bitten but don't let it keep running through you. Let that sh!t go. FOR YOU my dear friend...not for anyone else but for YOU


That is the secret...

❤️Feed your MIND and YOUR BODY with the THE ABSOLUTE BEST...and you will feel better than you ever have.❤️


But... you are now overwhelmed by even just those 5 steps. How are you possibly going to start a new routine in the midst of trying to juggle 800 different things?





4 tips to make it SO EASY to get on the wagon to a healthier YOU inside and out..

1. Eat the SAME thing every day...try this

2. Start an exercise routine that you love!! join us at the studio for dance, yoga and more!

3. Start with 2 minutes of meditation a day..just sit quiet and repeat what you want to become over and over in your head. I am happy, I am content, I am at peace.Breath deep in and out. or try this.

4. When you fall, and you will, NEVER EVER give up



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