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✨Create Your Own DESTINY✨Starting RIGHT NOW💫

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

"Your words will become your reality". -J.O.

I realize after SEVERAL years of seeking out a more fulfilling life I have stumbled upon an amazing GIFT! This was NO accident whatsoever. This is a GIFT that we ALL have in us. That gift is CREATING OUR OWN DESTINY, OUR OWN LIFE of OUR DREAMS.

The short of it is just this...

Start to feel how you want to feel.

Think thoughts that you WANT TO HAVE HAPPEN.


Envision it like this...

Pretend you are a magnet. Close your eyes and visualize all of the GREAT things you want to come to you. Not just material things. Things like peace, prosperity, opportunity, contentment and yes, money too, if that is what you desire. See yourself as a magnet to these good fortunes of life. Feel it too. Feel how you would feel if all of a sudden these desires just started showing up in your life. Really feel it. Picture it in your mind. Imagine it. (Imagination is a sneak peek into your future. God would not have given you the tool of visualization if it was not for your good.)

How would you feel? If all of your dreams came true? Content. Blissful. Peaceful. Secure. Abundant. Then visualize those exact words flooding in through your entire body. (like a magnetic force of light).

On the other hand. Release ALL OF THE THOUGHTS THAT YOU DO NOT WANT. Easier said than done, right? Not necessarily. All you have to do when a thought of anxiety, fear, worry, lack, starts to creep in your mind, act as if your body is repelling it. Say to yourself "Everything is ALWAYS working out for me." and see those thoughts leave you just as fast as they tried to come in. (kind of like they are bouncing right off of you. As if you have a shield covering your entire body: a shield of light) Then let that be the end of the thought. (the more you do it the easier it comes, I PROMISE YOU THIS!)

You see, every single thought we have is energy. We attract more of the energy that we are putting out (the thoughts we think will multiply the more we think them). So, STOP putting all of your energy into I CAN'T, NOT ENOUGH, I WON'T, IT WILL NEVER COME. AND START THINKING...I CAN, I WILL, IT IS COMING, I AM FORTUNATE, SECURE, JOYFUL, FAVOR IS ON THE WAY, etc.

Do this and I know that you will feel all those feelings that we all want in this life.

Be Well,


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