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❤️Feeling Puffy? + ❤️4 Ingredient Breakfast❤️Belly Blaster (10 Minutes)❤️

❤️I woke up every single day last week feeling extremely puffy. My eyes even felt swollen. My rings were not fitting on my fingers. My socks left marks on my ankles and the jeans felt a little snug around the belly!

❤️What gives?

❤️I figured it out! We have been having a "relish tray" at dinner every night for the past few weeks. Just something to make dinners a little extra special, I guess. This tray includes pickles, black and green olives, cheeses and veggie dip! Delicious, yes? Healthy, not really!

❤️You wouldn't guess it but those "low cal & low carb" snacks that you might have been eating are sometimes loaded up with salt!

❤️Excess sodium in your diet could eventually cause high blood pressure which will then cause your body to hold on to excess fluid. This is where that puffy and bloating feeling can come from.

❤️If you are waking up feeling a little bit bloated these days, check back at your past week or two of eating. Look into the salt and sodium content in some of those go to snacks of yours. This could be the cause of the tight rings and the tight waistband!

❤️Some Foods that contain a lot of salt and can have a bloating effect....




Deli Meat



Tomato Sauces

Canned foods

Boxed foods

❤️If you stay away from processed foods and eat from the earth MOST of the time you should feel less puff and less bloat in no time at all! ❤️

Here is a great on the go breakfast for ya! Note: I eat from the earth MOST of the time. I don't mean you need to eliminate cheeses, olives, nuts and the foods you love. Just in moderation. 80/20 will do!

❤️Did you need a BELLY BUSTER workout to do in less than 10 minutes? This will for sure make that tummy feel better in no time and make the waistband loose again!

❤️One minute seems too long for planks? Start with 30 seconds from the knees!

In Spirit,


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