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How I started LOVING ME after BIRTHING 4 kids in 2 years...

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

"When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change."

I was talking with my sister yesterday. Telling her that it is not about just food anymore....I have learned and grown SO much over the past 5 years. Giving birth to 4 kids in 2 years makes you become very connected to your body, your needs and also your spirit. I have come to the conclusion as I still study and explore all there is to know in the wellness world that you MUST MUST MUST find peace inside of you before any weight loss/health changes will be maintained for life.

Sure you can shed some pounds quite quickly, especially with a cleanse, but remember you must love yourself ALL OF you before any new way of eating will stick.

What I mean is that ONCE YOU LOVE YOU FOR ALL OF will WANT TO CHOOSE THE BEST for yourself. You will want to feed yourself only the highest quality of food, you will want to move your body for love not punishment, you will want to speak loving words and thoughts to yourself.

YOU MUST FIRST BECOME YOUR OWN BEST have to. Weight loss and healthy habit changes start from within...take out the "I want to lose weight" factor - take it totally out of the game and just today start thinking, "I want to LOVE MYSELF, LIVE a long healthy life, become content with where I am and have complete and total peace with myself and all that surrounds me."

YES IT TAKES WORK to not obsess over a scale or food..but with each and every day comes a new chance to change your inner voice, one step at a time.. Soon you might just believe how GREAT YOU ARE FOR YOU... and then my friend... THE MAGIC- it really happens for you.

YOU...more than anything- YOU MATTER ....When you start to look at that differently, look at yourself with love and grace, you will start to feel it, live it and believe it.

I raise you all up today in prayer to experience complete JOY as this week progresses...complete gratitude with yourself, complete peace in your heart and all that surrounds you.

*** and this- remember to keep your power today keep your energy on only the GOOD thoughts and FEEL and FREE the negative ones-- you become what you think..***

Be Well, Addie


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