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❤️LOVE others BUT DO NOT PLACE YOUR VALUE in THEM❤️10 minute Workout for the Week + Simple Supper

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

❤️LOVE OTHERS but DO NOT place YOUR VALUE in them❤️

❤️Here is what. If you place all of your happiness, sadness or worthiness in how your family, friends or others are treating you, that will leave you on a rollercoaster of up and down emotions almost every single day.

❤️Take that pressure off of you and off of them! They are gonna have days that they are carrying lower energy thoughts of themselves. They will react to you with how THEY FEEL inside. It has nothing whatsoever to do with you.

❤️Instead of reacting to all situations thrown at you today, just observe and let them go. Love you for exactly who and where you are today and everyday. Be so rooted in YOUR being that no one's absence or presence can shake that!

❤️When someone, yes even your kids, mother, partner or anyone else, acts snippy to you or makes you feel not so great, just always remember they are putting out the energy in motion =emotions that THEY ARE FEELING INSIDE.

❤️Don't take it personal. Don't ruin your day over it. DO NOT OVERTHINK IT!

❤️Observe it and let it go and love them anyway (but do not let them determine how your going to feel today). They will find love for themselves again soon

❤️Give yourself 10 minutes today and do this..

❤️NO time for DINNER? NO problemo!

❤️In Spirit,


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