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Mom's Minute

I get the pleasure every couple of months to film a few segments of Mom's Everyday with the lovely Pam Tauscher from NBC 15 in Madison. I love this because of a few things.

1. That Pam T. totally gave a girl a chance on her show that she had not ever met. She just knew that I had a passion just as her to make mom's and dad's lives a touch easier.

2. Kelly, the producer, Pam and I all have the same passion... to lift other's up.

3. I LOVE to share things that help me as a momma and this is such a great avenue to have to reach more people than I ever imagined I could or would.


Here are just a few segments from this past spring. We just finished up 5 brand new one's that I am SO excited about and will share with ya'll as they go live.


For more Mom's Everyday minutes watch the NBC 15 News out of Madison, WI at 4, 5 and 6 pm.




**We Rise by Lifting Other's**

--Have an idea for a helpful segment? Contact me here!


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