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STOP making WEIGHT loss your RESOLUTION...

Since I was 15 years old my New Year’s resolution was always to lose weight, eat healthy and workout more. FIFTEEN....I was still a baby and I was worried about my outside appearance. Then, for the past 5 years I have been telling ya’ll  your New Year’s resolution is the same- Lose weight gain happiness. 

I have been telling you this because I authentically believed that happiness was on the other side of weight loss. When, in reality happiness is on the other side of getting to the bottom of what makes you eat unhealthy in the first place. Why does food comfort you? Why is it that you grab for chips rather than carrots? Why do you have an emotional attachment to unhealthy habits in the first place? Why are you seeking acceptance from everyone but yourself? Why do you feel like you need to prove yourself to anyone but you? Why do you judge yourself so harshly?

I lost the weight and became my physically healthiest self. But, inside, still something was missing. This year has been transforming to say the least with my inner being. I realize now that to achieve true happiness, to be 100% at peace and content in life has nothing to do with your physical appearance and I am sorry that I was part of the game of showing you and throwing at you unrealistic ways to achieve happiness from weight loss.

When you find the reason behind your emptiness, your unsettled feelings, when you dig deep within (which is insanely uncomfortable and hard to do) when you do it though you can start to chip away the layers of which the pain stems from in the first place. You then start to really heal yourself. Once healing starts within and with a mental shift your physical best self will follow you. 

I am strong. I am beautiful. I am smart. I am content. I am at peace. I am happy. I am healthy. Thank you for abundance. Thank you for kindness. Thank you for the earth and animals. Thank you for enough. Thank you for relationships. Thank you for forgiveness. Thank you for grace. Thank you for contentment. I am slow to react and quick to love. I am choosy to who and what I let in my heart. I am worthy of love for being exactly who I am today.


**If you start to say these things you will slowly start to believe them and.... when you feel uncomfortable...and you will ...THAT MEANS IT IS WORKING.

Cheers to 2020,

Be Well, 



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