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What you see is not always what you get

I had a vision in my head of how the day would go. Perfect, I had thought. Just perfect. The kids would wake up to their new bunnies and a few new toys and play nicely with each other and with the new bunnies all morning until church. Then my whole family was coming to my church (which was a big deal- because they never usually come up here for church I was so excited to have them) I thought we could all sit together and pray together and sing together. After church head to my moms for lunch where we would have an egg hunt and eat and celebrate Jesus. Then naps and more time with bunnies at home and bed early to have some time to our adult selves before Monday. Perfectly perfect- and that is just how these pictures look- perfect. Doesn’t my family look so happy and well behaved – like we really have it all together?

What really happened….

Everyone woke up and saw the bunnies and were so so excited- they each also got one toy from Toy Story. Beau got dinosaur May got Jesse Keith got Buzz and Duke got Woody. Immediate fight- they all wanted to have them all or have what the other one had…Beau was literally screaming the entire day over this– then the bunnies came out and the dogs went NUTZO—barking SO SO SO loudly ALL MORNING LONG….put the dogs in my room and the kids were fighting- and I mean screaming and crying over who got to hold the bunny and Beau wanted so badly to hold them but was holding them to tight so I could not let him which led to another tantrum.

Off to church we go- all screaming because they want to take their new toys to church but I cant let them because all of the toys talk and make tons of noises so therefore more tantrums until I finally let them take them in the car- then quickly distract them all with doughnuts at church to take the toys from them. All eating a doughnut all is good. Go into church- ALL the boys are crying they want to go upstairs to the play room NOT sit in church with all my family who went out of there way to come here to sit with us. Please I said –“please just stay down here for the singing at least” NOPE – sobbing… I give in- upstairs they go. My mom sat with them up there so she didn’t even get to get the full feel of our church and the Pastor’s awesome message. May was the good one who stayed down with us until she fell bonked her head in the middle of announcements and SCREAMED until I had to take her out.

Get to moms have a FREEZING cold egg hunt- rush to come in and cant find Beau…outside alone he is…all the eyes we have and we forget him outside. He was fine—but still. Oh and more screaming fights over the damn talking toys.

Get home- get bunnies out- fighting and dogs barking- put bunnies outside. Decide to take big boys out and play with bunnies- one bunny starts puking- I look over at Keith and gushes of blood coming from his lip-“what happened?” I ask..”I don’t know mom- I just started bleeding maybe I fell this morning ?” -um- ok? We run in the house to clean up- put Burt and Ernie in cages for the night.

Give everyone a bath have a snack and we look at each other and I say to kevin. – “you cant make this sh*t up.” He laughs. 7:30 pm we all fall asleep- so much for our put the kids bed to early and have a date night.

-Don’t compare your life to mine or anyone else’s- it is not perfect EVER here- and when it is I am waiting for the next thing to fall apart- however- I would not change it- never in a million years. While trying to perfect your life you are missing out on the good stuff going. Let some stuff go and just live! I tell myself that a lot- one day your house will be clean and perfect and quiet and you will be missing the craziness that was before you.


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