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I am ending my relationship....

Yep that is right. It has been a fun ride but it is time it comes to a close. It is not me it is you. I have struggled with you from day one. I never really even wanted to let you in my life but I felt like I was missing out. Yes, I felt like it would be this blissful journey in to the unknown. That you would bring me joy that I was struggling to find elsewhere at the time.

It was fun too. In the beginning it was great. It was new and fresh. Adventurous even.

Then something happened. You turned on me. You started to “feed’ me a lot of stories. Not even real stories either. Stories that you helped me to create about myself. I was not enough to you. I was left out. I was comparing and becoming jealous even. It started to become very negative. It was almost twisted how much you knew about me and how it seemed you used your knowledge against me. You told me I needed to buy certain things to be beautiful. You showed me how happy I would become if I would just sign up for this or that. You started to make me forget who I was anymore. And you said we were friends. Friends! I don’t even know you. I have never talked to you in my life and now I am creating a story about myself that you think that I think. It stirs up a part of me that I don’t like and honestly, I didn’t even know existed.

You bring out the worse in me and I am ending it. Now, come to think of it, maybe it is me. Maybe it was me all along. Maybe I had insecurities buried deep down inside of me that I didn’t even know about. Maybe those insecurities needed to come out so I could deal. Either way I am living life without you. How? Well, I did it for 32 years and America?...we survived without you for 100’s of 1000’s of years. I think we will be just fine.

Peace out Social Media.

***Some harmful side effects of social media, according to Forbes magazine include...

1. It is addictive 

2. It can trigger more sadness and less well being

3. Comparing our lives with other's is mentally unhealthy

4. It can lead to jealousy,  a viscous cycle

5. We get caught in the delusion of thinking it is helpful

6. Having more friends on social media does not mean your more social

With those feelings comes this fear. In the fear causes worry. In the worry comes unsettled feelings and in that comes.....anxious thoughts.

We need to start to be so much more conscious as to what we are letting in our hearts and minds. Stop making up stories and stop following the feed that helps you create these unsettled thoughts.

Take a break. Re- evaluate. Find yourself. Find your TRUTH. Live by that and then slowly and intentionally let others in.

Be Well,



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