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❤️10 Ways to Find Inner PEACE right now❤️

How to find Inner Peace

That is what we all want anyway? Am I right? Think about everything you want or wish for or even pray for in this life. Maybe it is health or wealth? If this prayer for health or money or whatever else it may be came true, what would it bring you? Freedom, right? That is what it all comes down to in the end. Am I not right in saying that what we are all really seeking is JUST INNER PEACE. When you have that YOU basically HAVE EVERYTHING. You have inner peace then all is right with your world. Don’t you agree? If you had inner peace, you would not be up at night worrying. If you had inner peace, you would not be seeking the money or the better house or the better job. You would be happy just as you are. If inner peace was instilled in you, you would not be worried about healing or anyone else's healing for that matter- you would just know that all is well. You would be in a place of freedom and knowing that all things work together for our good. In all situations, if you had inner peace, you would not worry about your weight, what you say, your job, the past, the future. Nothing. All would be well all of the time! How great would that be? Is that reality though? Living in a world where EVERYTHING is exposed to us within seconds, good or bad, can cause anxiety on even the calmest souls sometimes. Speaking from experience of course. However, I have found a few remedies that just might help to bring you a sense of calmness and that sense of inner peace you may be seeking as well. 1. Pray or meditate for it. When you focus on something in prayer and with a quiet mind and an open heart you will find the answers you are seeking. Quiet down the outside voices and opinions of others and just LISTEN to yourself and your own heart. So often we try to seek the answers we need and want to hear FROM OTHERS when all along they are held within our own hearts. When we can just turn off the outside world noise, even for just 15 minutes a day, we can focus on what we truly need to hear from the Universe/God or whatever you relate to, but something bigger than yourself. Pray for inner peace and you will find it. It will take some time but it is there. Promise. 2. Find your value within. When you are trying to appease everyone around you, you will be walking a fine line all of your life. One day they love ya, the next day they don’t agree with you. That is going to happen ALL OF YOUR LIFE. People will agree and then they won’t. Don’t let that shake your insides all of the time. Don’t live in limbo having a good or bad day based on what others think of you. Decide that YOU, YOURSELF, JUST AS YOU ARE is good enough- find that value inside of yourself and you will be in BALANCE in your all times in life. No wobbly, tightrope for you. Loving and trusting yourself at all times. That will bring inner peace instantly. 3. Be happy when things are going great. Be happy when things are not. Remember that the “bad” times don’t last forever, but neither do the “good”. So, never shake your inner peace because of the emotion you're feeling at the time. Emotions are just your physical body's response to what is going on. It just kind of lets ya know what you want and what you don’t want. Without events happening that we don’t necessarily want or like we would not know what we do like or do want. So, look at those “bad” events with a big thank you for showing what you DO want in life and remember it won’t last forever. When things don’t go as planned it may feel like it is all just WRONG but trust me it is not wrong it is just working out in a better way for you. The Universe knows the path of least resistance. The path that will take you to where you TRULY want to be and the easiest route to get you there. So even though it may feel like there is a bump in the road once in a while don’t base your peace on the bump. Thank the bump and you will quickly be on your way to peace. 4. DO NOT REACT to your world. Respond when you are ready but NO IMMEDIATE REACTION is ever required. When you REACT TO YOUR ENVIRONMENT you are living in a REACTIVE STATE all of the time. Your physical body is going to be stressed out all of the time. Think about the last time you reacted to someone or something that kind of set ya off a bit. Did you regret blowing up at them? Did it feel good to try so hard to be right rather than at peace? I am sure it didn’t. It is better for everyone involved to be kind rather than be right. Remember you get back what you put out. If you are constantly putting out anger and fear that is what will keep coming back, every time. If you are peaceful, loving and kind. That is what will keep on coming back. Every time. It does not ever feel good to be reactive. 5. It is what it is, not what I think it should be. What is good for others may not be good for you. What is good for you may not be a good fit for others. Let everyone BE JUST WHO THEY ARE and in turn you BE EXACTLY who YOU ARE AT ALL TIMES and be at peace with that. When you are forcing things to be what you think they should be, you are putting a constant strain on yourself. You are all clutched up and likely pissed off. Release this thought of controlling and just be free and easy. Accepting all beings for who and where they are is a very peaceful way to live. 6. Exercise. I know. I know. You may not want to hear this. It is not a physical thing. It is a mental healing. We all need a release. We all need something to let the frustration out. Sometimes it is crying, drinking, and even smoking. But if you can choose a healthy release every day you will feel 100% more at peace. Even if it is a walk, jog or dancing. Find something every day to move your body and you will see the benefits almost instantly. 7. FORGIVE. You have to forgive. You just do. Even the person that does not deserve your forgiveness. You have to forgive them too. If you are holding on to anger towards another person it is not hurting them it is sucking the life out of you. It takes a lot more energy to be mad at someone then to just love. Free yourself from this HEAVY USELESS weight and just FORGIVE. It is not the snake bite that kills you, it is the venom that continuously runs through your blood. In other words, it's not even the act this person did against you, it is you RELIVING it every single day that is hurting you. Let it go. You will feel lighter and free in no time at all. 8. Eat healthier. It is not what you eat, it is what you think about what you eat. If you are eating shitty and you don’t care and it is not affecting you in any way than by all means go for it. But if you are eating crappy and it makes you feel crappy than you need to start eating better. If you eat chocolate cake every single day and really enjoy it, you're all good. If you eat chocolate cake every day and have constant guilt over it each and every time, then you need to stop. Put the cake down and start eating healthier. I say this, if it came from the earth your good to go. The rest just in small doses. 9. Stop living in the future and past. When you are in the past you are feeling depressed, when you live in the future you're anxious. The past and the future do not exist except for in your own mind. You get to decide what you think. Why are you reliving the past over and over? Why are you thinking about the “what if’s” of the future. Most likely your memory of the past event is not that accurate and the future worry almost NEVER HAPPENS. They don’t call it a present as a coincidence. It is called the PRESENT MOMENT because it is a gift. But it is only a gift if you can accept it. Live in the NOW at all times and feel TRUE freedom and inner peace at ALWAYS. 10. Happiness does not lie on the other side of success. You will not be any happier when you get the promotion, when you lose weight, when you build the house, when you get the car, when you're on the vacation. If you cannot find happiness right now just as things are, you will surely never find it when the “big thing” happens. WHEN YOU CAN BE HAPPY for the mundane everyday things that go on in your life, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE HAPPY. Be grateful for what is and be excited for what is to come! Inner peace is the greatest gift I could ever give to you. Find that and you have found it all. Praying always for the highest good for all, In Spirit, Addie

**This is just a small post to a bigger book that I hope to publish soon**



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