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❤️AGE WELL WITH ADDIE-the book is here for YOU!❤️

❤️This is a wonderful guide for you to use as you age! We are all aging, right? I am so happy to have written this in honor of my wonderful senior citizen groups that I get to lead in class and also in memory of my sweet grandparents. If only I had known this when they were here I could have helped them more and maybe they would have had an active life as they aged.

❤️This book contains simple steps you can use each day of the week to help you live a more fun filled life and age gracefully! We are all aging. We all will need this one day and if not today then maybe you know someone who has a hard time getting out of the house or is having a hard time starting a wellness routine. If so, this is perfect for them.

I felt whispers from God as I wrote this book and I just know it will help so many to find the light when the days seem dark.

CLICK here to grab a copy and maybe a few to share with others!

❤️If you are new to finding a wellness routine this is perfect for you as well.

The best thing about this book are my simple meditations you can do daily. I also have recipes in the back and just some fun ideas to keep your days full of life and prosperity!

❤️Have fun with this! Two new meditations just added click here to listen to those on your way to work or as you wake up!

In Spirit, Addie❤️



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