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❤️As a woman in this world it is so easy to try to live up to all of these crazy expectations...❤️

❤️"When you find PEACE WITHIN yourself, you will find yourself living in a PEACEFUL WORLD.” -addie, Platteville Cycling and Fitness Studio Yoga class

❤️As a woman in this world it is so easy to try to live up to all of these crazy expectations of what others say beauty is. Beauty lies within, it is internal.

❤️It took me many years to start to believe this. I always thought I will never be this or never be that. I am not thin enough or pretty enough or smart enough. I was telling myself these lies because I thought that in order to achieve happiness, I needed to have the approval of what others thought of me. I needed to be validated by the opinions of others. And, although most people are good, some are not. Sometimes I was told to just be quiet. Just be normal. I was told that I am too much and I don’t belong. I was told so many of these lies that I, in turn, believed because I let my value lie in what others viewed me as.

❤️So many, many insecurities. We all have. So many times we doubt ourselves as women. We think someone is doing it better or someone knows more. We think we can’t do this or that because someone may have told us once upon time what they thought we were capable of and what we were not. We let a little tag on ourselves for a big part of our lives from what someone else labeled us as. We were afraid to show our true colors because of what people may think of us. What if they say “YOU! Who do you think you are? You think you can do that? “(note: This happened to me various times in my life.

❤️We live in so much fear and we put so much pressure on other’s opinions of us we end up living this life that isn’t even real. It is a story we tell ourselves and we tell others so everyone is “comfortable” and there will be no conflict.

❤️What your mind believes you are capable of is what you are capable of. If you say you can’t then you can’t. If you say you are not smart enough then you are not.

❤️However, if you say you can then you can! If you say you will then you will! Start listening and believing in YOU my sweet sister. Start truly living out WHO YOU ARE, WHO YOU WANT TO BE!

❤️No more making yourself small so others are comfortable with you. No more belittling yourself for the sake of never having to deal with any ruffled feathers. When you start being YOU without anyone’s take on who YOU should be, your life begins. Your life BEGINS at the END of yours and everyone else’s COMFORT ZONE.

❤️“I live in a small town, what will they say about me if I do this?” GREAT NEWS!..It does not matter what others say about you. The only real opinion is WHAT YOU THINK OF YOURSELF. I guarantee you if you are living out your dream, your destiny and you are feeling happy and confident in yourself, you will NOT EVER have a worry in the world what stone’s may or may not be thrown at you.

❤️ When you take all of the value out of other’s opinions of what you are capable of and you start putting that value IN YOURSELF you will be at a peace within yourself that you never even knew existed. When you are happy and content living YOUR life that peace will follow you everywhere you go.

❤️Stand tall my friend. Stand tall today in who and what you are. Never let anyone knock you down because YOU ARE a gift to this world. You were not put here on accident. When you start believing that deep down in your soul you will start to feel it in your spirit and when you feel it in your spirit you can move mountains.


❤️I salute all of you women out there today who have never given up their hopes and dreams for the approval of others. I salute all of the women out there who are afraid to be their full selves but today they are going to take action and not be small anymore. I salute YOU ...WHOA- MAN! You are magnificent.



(-column written by Addie from HER MAGAZINE contribute 2019)



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