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❤️How To LIVE in the PRESENT❤️

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

❤️How to you live in the present? You sit with nature quietly and listen. 

❤️I have come to the conclusion that when living in the present moment you start to leave fear and worry behind. There are no unsettled feelings when you are not looking ahead or behind you. Thus, anxiety can and will be eliminated. If we live in the present moment, we enjoy life so much more than we ever even knew was possible. The freedom you will feel living in the present is undoubtedly the lightest you will ever feel.

❤️You just have to surrender to it. 

❤️You must first be quiet.

❤️I have a distinct feeling that me losing my voice this week was completely not by chance. I think the universe was telling me to just, for lack of a better word, shut it for once. To really pay attention. To just listen and observe my surroundings. It is no surprise that leading 7 yoga practices a week would cause my throat to become sore once in a great while. But, this week, it seemed that it was very intentional. The laryngitis that stole my verbal abilities seemed to come at just the right time. 

❤️I was taken back by how much this served my family and I this week. Being quieter that is. I realized that I don’t have to talk loud or often to get a point across. I realize that my children have listened better when receiving direction in a softer tone. I let them kind of figure things out more than I normally would. I paid much more attention to how they interact with one another. I also found that when I did speak, they respected it much more because it was not very many words thrown at them. I spoke to get my point across and then hushed in hopes they would listen and do as told. The house was quieter. The kids were quieter. Peace.

❤️A lot of words do not need to be spoken to fill your life up to the fullest potential. In fact, when you don’t speak you really see, really feel and can almost taste the beauty that surrounds you. It becomes much more abundant when you pay attention to it. Your vision becomes clearer when you are not always feeling like you have to get words in with every single situation you are arrive at. You become slower to react. You will start to breathe a little easier not having a response everything. You can fully come to understand the harmony in silence and the abundance of living in the present moment.

❤️I encourage you to be quieter this week. Listen with an open heart. Slowly and with intention react only when necessary and see how amazingly your life can unfold without you really even having to do anything. Just listen.


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