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☹️LIFE isn't FAIR!???or is it😎

The thoughts we are thinking right now determine our future.

So then, why is it so hard to think Hopeful, Happy, Abundant thoughts?

We are trained as young children that we need to worry. Maybe you were raised with the 5% of humans who parents never worried. Or, you were like me and the other 95% of Americans. We were trained to worry. Our parents didn't even know they were doing it to us. Heck, they didn't even know they were doing it to themselves!

Why though? Well, their parents must have taught them and so on and so on. It feels more comfortable to FEEL the known then the unknown.

You see, all we want to do as human BEINGS is we want to feel. We want to feel emotions because they stimulate us. Whether good or bad. The drama we create, WE CREATE, is feeding our emotional needs as a person.

We were meant to feel. We were meant to have emotions (energy in motion) it is in our genes, our D.N.A. It is a gift from the Divine to have emotions and experience feelings. But, if we remain in those feelings too frequently we start to become those feelings. The only way to stay in our "comfortable zone" is to feel the same feeling patterns we already know and have been taught.

We are familiar with "not enough". We are familiar with "struggle". We are familiar with living "in survival". These are all knowns for us. It was engrained in us as little kids, that we have to work incredibly hard at this life to "succeed" at anything. We have to "carry our own crosses". That "Life isn't fair".

We have it all wrong people. It has become so comfortable that we are involuntarily creating our fear of the future. Which, in turn, is creating our fear of life. We don't even know these thoughts are leading us down the road of poverty, strife, jealousy and even worse. It is as if we don't know any different and we want to "FEEL" something so badly we just keep going back to what we know.

WE CAN CHANGE this pattern. We have the ability to have all of the goodness, prosperity and abundance this world has to offer, which by the way is UNLIMITED! We were not meant to worry or struggle. We were not meant to wait until "Heaven" to experience real joy. "The kingdom of Heaven is in each of us." -Luke 17:21

We don't have to wait for Heaven to be happy, HEAVEN IS RIGHT HERE ON EARTH. In each of us. We just have to start letting it in. How? By thinking thoughts that only reflect that which you want to live.

YOU MUST FEEL AND THINK WHAT YOU WANT TO BECOME as if it were already happening to you RIGHT NOW.

You want abundance, think I am abundant.

You want joy, think I am joy.

You want prosperity, think I am prosperous.

You want health, think I am healthy.

Think only the thoughts that you WANT IN YOUR LIFE....and release the rest.


But, how do you control your thoughts? How do you control all of those bottled up negative emotions that we have been holding onto for so long.

Here is a little practice that I use...

EVERY time a thought creeps in that I don't want to infect my future with I just simply send a blessing to the person or situations by literally saying OUT LOUD "BLESS YOU" and then I BREATH IN DEEPLY AND SAY "I AM LOVE, EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS WORKING OUT FOR MY HIGHEST GOOD." Then exhale out any resistance you may be hanging onto.

Yes, it takes time and practice. But, what it doesn't take is force. Soon it becomes natural just as your life should be.

Stop forcing and let your life unfold easily and naturally.

IT starts now!

Side note: I want to say this. I do feel sadness. I do feel anger. I do feel lower energy emotions BUT WHAT I DO NOT DO is hang onto them. I feel, honor and release. IT is the HANGING on that will destroy you. "It is not the snake bite that kills you, it is the venom that continuously runs through your veins"

In Spirit,



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