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❤️What do you believe to be the truth for yourself?

❤️Have you been wishing for health and wholeness but you can't seem to get there? Have you been thinking of a lighter body, mind a spirit?

❤️Do you feel like your emotions are constantly up and down based on the scale. If you stayed on target with your "diet"? Or maybe your emotions are based on thinking your health is too far gone, too out of reach?

❤️Health and wellness is for other people? Maybe you are thinking you don't even know where to begin. You might see these workouts I share or these recipes and think I can't do that or I can't eat that.....

❤️Can I tell you a secret? I WAS YOU!

❤️Mind body and meditation was for the birds in my eyes. Yes, it is true. I have done every diet, taken every pill, killed myself at the gym, I have done it ALL!

❤️Why did none of it work?

❤️Because, I never really thought I could easily be one of those fit and healthy people. I made it so much work, so much miserable effort just to be skinny.

❤️I finally realized that my MIND WAS REJECTING what MY BODY WANTED AND NEEDED!❤️

❤️See, I was doing everything that I was told but I was not mentally in it. I did not envision or see myself as my best and highest self. I just aimed for skinny and that was pure vanity. I didn't aim or strive for happiness, complete wholeness. I was not seeking real health. I was seeking after a quick fix and then I thought bliss would come.

❤️It is totally ok to want to be a certain weight or fit into a pair of jeans again. I am not saying you can't want that....but dig a little deeper this time. Why do you want those things? Why? Because, when you weigh that weight or slide into those jeans you know that you have been feeding yourself the foods that your healthy body craves and have been giving it the attention it needs by talking nicely to yourself and exercising for fun!

❤️If you head into your weight loss and wellness journey with only your eye on the outside vanity and you do it with pills, shakes, starvation or whatever other quick fix you can find....YOU WILL NEVER FIND HAPPINESS WHEN YOU ARRIVE TO YOUR GOAL.

❤️You will not only find a lighter YOU outside, physically but also a lighter YOU INSIDE, emotionally and spiritually.

You will be happy almost all of the time.

You will realize that doing, saying or engaging in anything or anyone that takes you out of your HAPPIEST BEST SELF is not worth the energy anymore because YOU ARE WHOLE all by yourself.

You then add those people, situations, foods and thoughts that serve YOU very slowly and very intentionally and very much on purpose back into your life.


After all,


❤️When you start to get out of alignment with your wellness during the day.....

STOP AND see yourself release the resistance (negative emotions) and immediately go back to your bliss (picturing you as your highest, healthiest, well self.)


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