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ROSARY + YOGA🙏to hear the call of the HOLY SPIRIT

🙏We are all one.

Yoga meaning to join or unite.

🙏When we can see and feel that we are all one we can put down our judgements of others. We can stop feeling separate. We will just live peacefully in this wonderful world that has been given to us.

🙏Why the rosary? It helps to center our minds. We are focused on one thing, the prayers along with our poses. When we can learn to control our wondering, anxious minds doing small exercises like this we will then be able to learn to control and calm them in stressful situations.

🙏We can learn to respond in a conscious and peaceful way rather than react. If we can bring inner peace to the mind we then open up our stream of well being to the Divine Energy of the Universe/God. When we are not all clogged up with the noisy thoughts of worry, fear, insecurities and other thoughts that don't serve us we can hear God's call more clearly. When we hear the will of God we can start to walk the path of least resistance to our higher selves. This is the way. We can line up with the Will of God and the Universe will fill our minds with the Holy Spirit. When our mind is filled with the Holy Spirit we can feel total peace within us and all around us.

🙏Take 27 minutes out of your day today and spend some time praying with me as we move our bodies, clear our minds and LISTEN to the inner calling of the Holy Spirit.





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