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😇As I step into yet another NEW season in my life, my joy has been coming from teaching Mediation classes.

😇Meditation and Prayer. They are one in the same really. In meditation you are listening more for that wisdom from your angels. Prayer you are speaking more and asking for help or maybe you even pray in gratitude. To me they are great partners in this life. Sometimes I seek out prayer and talk to God, but a lot of the time I just sit and listen.

😇I am making another pivot in my life. I am not entirely sure what this looks like but I am sure God is working through me and I will let him and the Universe lead the way.

😇Our angels are always here waiting for us to call on them. They are guiding us and calling to us in ways that we can easily hear and see. BUT THE key is to be open to this wisdom. We have to believe and be open in order to receive all of the miracles that are waiting for us!

😇I am making my way back home (SAHM mom life again) and while I am here I might as well be useful to anyone who is need of some encouragement. I have created this beautiful meditation for you all to seek out those angels for wisdom and find ways to really listen and ASK FOR GUIDANCE onto the path of least resistance to your highest, happiest most peaceful self once again.

Here you are....

More meditations right here on the website under Mediations.

😇Praying, as always, for the highest good of all,




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