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Stress and Weight Gain😏

😏Speaking with the doctor yesterday, I found myself at a 10 pound weight gain. He told me not to worry I am still in the "normal weight range" for my height. However, I feel best 10 lbs lighter. I am not a vanity gal, I just FEEL better at my normal weight I have held for almost 8 years.

😏I told him I literally workout 2 hours a day (teaching, practicing, etc). I don't understand. He said (and this was a Cardiologist) " as we age, we become more diabetic". Meaning, cut the carbs! WTF. I hate, hate, hate "low carb" diets. I said to him, "So, like, no carbs? Where am I going to get my energy for class?" His reply was, "not all carbs, just the pastas, white breads, starchy foods, etc." Basically, your veggies are your carbs.

😏I told him I don't even eat much of this stuff. I did tell him though how stressed out I have become. I have been able to keep my stress under control for several years. I breathe through everything, I practice yoga often, all of the things, right?

😏I know, I told you, my reader, for many years that stress can cause weight gain, but it never really affected me, (or maybe it did in the way past and I never really knew it was stress?)

😏I had a full time job (salon owner), a Cosmetology instructor part time, and a side job (fitness instructor) for years before kids. I then had 4 kids and quit working. Recently (in the last year) I started working again, basically full time and then some. I finally said it out loud to someone that I have no idea how to be a working mom, good to my clients, and a present mom and wife at home. I am struggling. Therefore, over the past year, I have gained 10lbs and it's time for things to change.

😏Lower carb diet, ok, fine. But, stress has GOT TO GO! I can teach all of you in the studio how to control stress. I have specific techniques that have worked for many of our customers. So, why am I not practicing this myself? I did so good when I was just job.. no nothing but kids and Kev. I am spread a little thin right now and I need to get back to my "old self" again. How am I going to do this?

😏Well, for starters I am going to be FULLY PRESENT in each and every situation I find myself in. I will tackle each task in my life one at a time. I will check emails at a designated time, I will do scheduling and marketing at a designated time. I will TALK to someone about my stress instead of holding it in. I will listen and look at and play with my kids when I am in Mom mode. I will walk with Kev everyday so we can talk about life together. I will ATTEND MY WONDERFUL instructor's classes . I will get my books back out again and FOLLOW the recipes and health tips again. But, mostly, I will have FUN and ALLOW THE JOY back into my life again.

I was a workaholic before kids, but I can NOT be one now. I must let go of perfection and just do the best I can with what I am given.

If any of this sounds familiar to you please read on...

6. things you and I can do to get back on track.....

  1. Move a little everyday, hold each other accountable by sharing a sweaty selfie at the studio (here are the deets.)

  2. Water, water, water. But, change it up. I add a little ACV and some lemon to my first cup, then maybe a little squirt of this. 16 oz before each meal, half your body weight in oz daily, 8 oz before you take seconds.

  3. Lots of non starchy veggies, lots of berries, and I think I may have to start eating organic grass fed meat again!!! As a vegan/vegetarian for almost 4 years...this is tough but may be necessary considering.

  4. Cutting carbs late in the day :(

  5. Walk every night after dinner with the hubs or a friend.

  6. One more... nightly Yoga (at home or in studio) to calm and breathe in affirmations that make me/you feel lifted and lighter. (listed below)

Are you with me? Here are some ideas....

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