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❤️Super Satisfying Lunch❤️ Weekly Workout❤️ Always 10 minutes❤️

❤️I get home late in the day today and am STARVING!! I was so busy I didn't eat my packed snacks and came home famished.

❤️Old me..... I would have grabbed for the chips and salsa (my go to fav snack!) But, on a Tuesday? Probs not the best idea (we save our treats and snacks for weekends so we enjoy them even more!)

❤️But, I am not going to eat rabbit food either. I need my meals to be healthy and DELICIOUS! Otherwise I will just crave crap later on.

Check this out!

❤️Set your plan for the week. Just give me 10 minutes a day and I promise you will feel better INSIDE immediately! That is where it starts my friends. Feelin' good INSIDE first and it will SURELY reflect outside in no time !

❤️ I made it even easier for you to find recipes that you need quickly.

❤️I added a Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack category to make it easier and more efficient to get your health on! I know how busy you can be these days but I don't want you to feel this has to be difficult or overwhelming. Simplicity and realistic is how my website should feel to you!

❤️In Spirit, Addie


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