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😎You Have a Natural Guidance System❤️

✨Feelings and Emotions are just your guidance system to choose a different thought that feels better.✨

✨Let me explain.

✨We have been given the greatest gift. The gift of feeling and the gift of imagination.

✨Feelings are just an indicator to let you know if you are on the right path or not, in sync with your Source, Creator or God, if you will.

✨You know your "gut instinct", right? Well, that is not some crazy phenomenon. Your "gut instinct" tells you whether you are in tune to that path of least resistance, which is the way that you want to be going to reach your purpose, destiny, hopes and dreams.

✨If it doesn't feel good. It ain't right. You must choose a different thought that does.

✨I teach you in my classes that you must have a "go to" place that feels good. A place you can turn to when "bad" or "negative" emotions start to creep in. I don't mean a physical place, necessarily. I am talking more of a mental space in your mind that you know you can go to that makes you feel better than how you are feeling when low energy emotions, such as worry, fear, anxiety, start to invade your thoughts.

✨It can be imagining hugging a loved one. Going to the beach. A wonderful time in your life that all seemed to be flowing perfectly. You could picture all of the blessings that you have in life right now. Or just being outside with nature. Envision your happy place and just close your eyes and start to breath into it until that "low emotion" starts to leave you.

✨When you are thinking these thoughts of worry and fear. When you are constantly responding to your surroundings. Your physical body keeps reliving whatever it is that your brain is telling it. It has a response to stress. It has a response to fear. Your body actually believes everything your mind tells it. In turn it is constantly reacting. Your physical response to all of those low energy emotions can soon become an illness in of itself. A physical stress response, when constantly activated, will cause sickness.

✨Train your brain to only think thoughts that raise your energy up. Become transparent to low energy emotions and think thoughts of "health, healing, wellness, abundance, peace."

✨Easier said than done, right?

✨I know our perception is mainly on what is actually, physically going on around us.

✨I know you might think this is a fairytale land to live in (your imagination). But, honestly, if you're living in fear and worry all of the time, what is so wrong with a fairytale land once in awhile? In the hopes that it will evolve into your real physical life (which it will if you start to believe it!)

✨Most of our emotions are a direct response to the environment in which we live in. But, if you can change this, even just a little each day into NOT RESPONDING to your ENVIRONMENT and shifting your thoughts, feelings and emotions to a place of peace, love, joy, happiness and bliss. These thoughts that we know TRULY do exist if we just let it in. You will start to see how easy it is to live in this WONDERFUL WORLD that we have been given.

✨Today, use your imagination to take you to a place that you wish to go in the midst of sitting in a space that you are not loving being in.✨

In Spirit,



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